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About Us

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We're thrilled to introduce our latest launch, revolutionizing how you connect with your existing clients and generate new quality leads.

With the same beloved Kudos magazine, we've transformed it into a new format that meets the demands of today's market. Say goodbye to boring email newsletters and hello to a reliable source focused on healthy, happy living.


A Little About Kudos

As the publisher of Kudos Journey, Brady Events and Marketing Inc. has been at the forefront of events and marketing for 18 years. In 2013, we launched Kudos magazine, promoting healthy lifestyles in MidMichigan.

The magazine quickly gained popularity, reaching an impressive readership. For the first time, there is an opportunity to bring this same positive marketing to infuse into your marketing campaign.

Experience a professional marketing strategy that exclusively showcases your business and positive content.

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A Little About Elizabeth

Kudos founder, Elizabeth Marasco, brings an unmatched passion for serving seniors and caregivers. Having been a caregiver for multiple family members, she witnessed firsthand the struggles faced by families during challenging times.

Elizabeth also recognized that bridging the community gap with this market required dedicated time and resources that overwhelmed staff often needed more. Since her journey as a caregiver, Elizabeth has merged her 20 + years expertise in marketing, events, and technology to help organizations connect with seniors and caregivers effectively.

She truly believes there are ways to improve the way we connect with seniors and caregivers. And that a tiny adjustment can help businesses connect with quality leads, and give hope, inspirations, and goodness with families when they need it most. Together we can transform communities and increase your ROI.

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  • Elizabeth and Her Late Mom Judy.

    (Judy was never late to anything 😀)

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    Pro Level Content, Reduce Your Marketing Workload

    Through Kudos Journey, we offer top-notch professional content that helps improve community communication while creating an environment where quality leads are ready to sign up when they need your services. Additionally, our services reduce your staff workload so you can focus on what truly matters – serving your clients. When you join Kudos Journey, your brand will soar as your message resonates with others whenever they see your business featured on our front cover.


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